Welcome to Bob Gardner's Personal Website

Bob as a Lego minifig.

Welcome to my site! My name is Bob Gardner and I am a software engineer who enjoys many things, including biking, hiking, tennis, contributing to open source software, and board games. I work on the Photoshop team at Adobe on the Photoshop Imaging Engine (PIE), which exposes Photoshop functionality as a cross-platform C++ library to other Adobe products.

I previously worked on the Windows 10 Setting Sync feature at Microsoft, which ensures your user settings such as Edge and IE favorites and the desktop theme are backed up and kept in sync on all of your Windows 10 PCs.

I love to learn and enjoy experimenting with interesting tools and technologies on various side projects. While at work I design, develop, and maintain features in a massive C++ codebase, in my free time I've enjoyed exploring the unique challenges of designing software for exhibitions, making it easier to listen to Spotify together with friends, making it safer to get home, and learning about Unix shells in Rust and C.

I studied computer science, economics, and math at New York University in New York City. I wrote my undergraduate thesis on an experimental investigation into committee voting procedures, which combined my interest for behavioral economics and developing web application software in the form of an online voting application.