I am a software engineer who enjoys digging into complex systems and navigating among different technological areas. This is rooted in my background in economics and computer science, which itself is rooted in really enjoying all my classes in school 😀. I always strive to understand how customers will use my products and the role my work plays in the larger system which informs my designs. My work on the Photoshop team at Adobe and the Windows team at Microsoft have provided me ample opportunities in both of these areas, and much more.

I am currently a software engineer on the Photoshop team at Adobe, where I improve and develop new functionality for the Photoshop Imaging Engine (PIE), which exposes Photoshop functionality via a cross-platform C++ library to other Adobe products.

Before Adobe, I was a software engineer at Microsoft where I worked on the Windows 10 Setting Sync feature, which ensures your user settings such as Edge and IE favorites and the desktop theme are backed up and kept in sync on all of your Windows 10 PCs. This was an excellent challenge as I had to design new features and fix issues that spanned the entire stack from internal API consumers to the sync client and sync server. I also worked on the infrastructure and design of new features for a new, unreleased cloud service.

I live and work in NYC and have family back in Seattle, where I lived for 7 years. I love reading, the outdoors, and of course the Seattle Seahawks.

My highlights: