Here is a collection of news articles that have featured me or my work:




  • NYU Prototyping Fund Recipient
    • My team in the Extreme Design class at NYU won an NYU Prototyping Fund award for our work on Project Nikola.
  • NYU Courant Summer Undergraduate Research Support
    • In the summer of 2014, I worked with some awesome researchers in the System’s Group of NYU’s Computer Science Department on Project Spartan, a distributed array language with a NumPy interface.
  • Phi Kappa Sigma: Get to Know Bob Gardner
    • I am a brother of NYU’s chapter of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity, where I was secretary and technology chair at the time.
  • Pearson’s Developer Blog
    • I wrote a guest blog post for Pearson, LLC’s Developer Blog after collaborating with them for a Hack Days event (now After Hours) with Tech@NYU.
  • Tech@NYU: Get to Know Bob Gardner
    • I was an executive board member of Tech@NYU form Spring 2013 to Fall 2015.
  • MSNBC host visits NYU, talks racial, economic inequality
    • I was interviewed after attending a talk by NYU’s President, John Sexton, in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2014.
  • Hack@Brown 2014
    • Here’s an “action” pic of me at Hack@Brown 2014.
    • My team tried worked on a stock market simulator. While we didn’t finish it, I certainly learned some valuable lessons about working on a 7 person group in a hackathon setting. We split into client and server teams and updated a shared document called whenever a team changed their API. Hilarity ensued as a team would yell “Why doesn’t your code work!” “We changed the API, didn’t you read the doc.” “Oh, didn’t see that.” Going forward, I learned the importance of working in smaller teams, stabilizing shared API early, and setting checkpoints where both teams would merge and rebase so the project was nearly always in a working state.
    • Source on GitHub


  • NYU CAS College Cohort Program
    • During my sophomore year, I was interviewed about my thoughts on NYU CAS’s College Cohort Program as the President of one of the 40 cohorts.