Last week I attended the awesome Windows & Devices Group scavenger hunt at Seattle’s EMP Museum. One of the exhibits there featured the amazing work of Chuck Jones, an animator, cartoon artist, and more from Spokane Washington. I grew up watching Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Road Runner cartoons on Boomerang, and it was pretty cool to learn more about the man behind them. At the exhibit, there was one of his quotes on the wall:

All great endeavors are 90% hard work and 10% love and only the love should show

I’ve been running Windows 10 since day 1 of my internship, through the good builds and the bad (builds are just versions of the OS). It’s come a long way in the two months I’ve been here and I’m very excited for its road ahead.

Windows 10 releases today. My hope is that only the love shows.