I am excited to announce that Photoshop 2020 has shipped and is my first desktop release since I joined the team in July! When you launch the Photoshop 2020 app one of the initial loading screen lists the Photoshop team members and, if the entropy is just right, you’ll see my name listed (it randomizes the non-leadership team members).

Photoshop 2020 Splash Screen

Alternatively, the Photoshop team members can be listed via Photoshop > About Photoshop... on macOS.

Because of my work on the Photoshop Imaging Engine (PIE) team, I also have contributed changes to the new Adobe Fresco app that recently launched on iPad and UWP. Notably I contributed locale-aware, case-insensitive, digits-as-numbers sorting to the cloud documents organizer, among a number of bug fixes. It’s an exciting time to be contributing to the Photoshop ecosystem!