1. Use JQuery selector
    • Use document.querySelector and document.querySelectorAll to find elements by selector (without JQuery)
    • document.querySelectorAll is aliased by $$
  2. To not lose console session when refreshing page, right click console and select “Preserve log upon navigation”
  3. document.body.contentEditable = true allows us to change anything on the document.
  4. console.log('Window',window) to log the object to the console.
  5. To look at events for element, use getEventListeners(element) to find all the different event listeners.
  6. call monitorEvents(element) to log all events of element to console
    • key events, mouse events, etc.
    • use monitorEvents(element, 'click') to only get click events
    • the event can only be an array
    • unmonitorEvents(element) to stop logging all events
  7. use console.time('name_of_timer') that can starts timers
    • console.timeEnd('name_of_timer') to stop timer
  8. use console.groupCollapsed('Name') to group console prints together
    • use console.groupEnd() to stop the group
  9. use console.table(myArray) to create object table for array
  10. use $_ to access last result of console
  11. use clear() to clear console; ctl-L
  12. get stack via console.trace()
  13. use console.count('name') to count the number of times this gets hit
  14. use profile('function') to start profiling and profileEnd('function') to stop profiling
  15. use dir(element) to list all of the properties of the object
  16. use inspect(element) to immediately go to the element in the elements area of the debugging tools
  17. use $0 to get last selected element, $1 for second to last, all the way up to $4